Master Outsourcing (Contract) Agreement (* partial)

[          ] (hereinafter referred to as the “Outsourcer”) and ANS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Outsourcee”) enter into this Agreement with respect to basic matters concerning transactions between the Outsourcer and Outsourcee, and agree as follows.

Article 1 Purpose of Agreement

This Agreement will apply to matters concerning basic agreements to be executed between the Outsourcer and Outsourcee.

Article 2 Formation of Agreement

2.1 An “Individual Outsourcing (Contract) Agreement” will be executed with respect to the description, period, price, etc., of the work subject to outsourcing (contract), and the parties hereto will comply with the same.

2.2 At the time of each specific transaction, matters not provided for in this Agreement will be subject to the Individual Agreement.

2.3 If the content of the Individual Agreement conflicts with that of this Agreement, the Individual Agreement will prevail.

Article 3 Responsibilities for Execution of Work

The Outsourcee shall assume all legal responsibilities for the execution and completion of the work subject to outsourcing (contract).

Article 4 Person Who Provides Instructions

All instructions on the execution of the work subject to outsourcing (contract), on working hours etc., and on the determination or change in office regulations or personnel assignment, and all other such control to be provided to the Outsourcee’s responsible person for operations who is engaged in such work shall be provided by the Outsourcer.

Article 5 Responsible Person for Work

5.1 At the time of the execution of each Individual Outsourcing (Contract) Agreement, the Outsourcee shall specify the responsible person in relation to such Agreement to execute the work subject to outsourcing (contract), and shall notify the Outsourcer of such responsible person in writing. The same shall apply when the responsible person for the work is changed.

5.2 In principle, the responsible person for the work subject to outsourcing (contract) will make communications, adjustments, etc., between the Outsourcer and Outsourcee in connection with the execution of such work. However, this will not apply if there are any urgent and unavoidable circumstances.

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