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December 2010th, ANS was contracted relocation for Tokyo office of AZTAX.

We could obtain good advice about our complex relocation needs at one location.

Question: What was the deciding factor that helped you to choose ANS for your relocation?

Because this was our first time to deal with office relocation we had no experience and we felt clueless about what needed to be done, and we didn't feel confident about completing all of the tasks by the strict deadline.

Because of this the one stop service of ANS was like a savior. Mostly I liked the cost performance better than anything.

Mostly I liked the cost performance better than anything.

Secondly we trusted ANS, because of their strong, trusted partnership with NTT.

Question: How did you feel about cost of the relocation?

From my experience with the accounts of our customers who have undertaken similar moves, I had good idea of the average cost of relocation.

The cost was reasonable compared to other companies.

Also they gave us advice about keeping the cost down through effective partitioning and positioning of fire protection equipment.

We didn't have any problem in our short one month schedule.

Question: What is your impression of this relocation?

The schedule was only one month from the decision to move to the final relocation, but there weren't any problem with the relocation tasks by the ANS contractor.

They complied with our requests to re-design layouts by the next day.

It was so lucky for me, that the layout plan was perfect and everything went very smoothly.

We appreciated the attitude of the contractor.

They listened to our ideas in regards to our working environment.

We didn't have a specific plan, but they came up with timely concrete proposals.

From AZTAX licensed tax accountant corporate body

Question: Can you give us some information about your business.

We have 30 years experience, and now we operate in Tokyo and Osaka.

We are high standard experts in inheritance tax, business succession, restructuring organizations of the company, and we consult with a lot of customers, in Tokyo.

Most companies are required to deal with change in a very difficult economic environment.

Now AZTAX assists companies through taxation. We also assist companies with cash flow management, cost cutting, finance advice for banking, consultation on company management e.g. restructuring organizations of the company, employee training, framework organization of the company etc.

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