Ubiquisys – Customer Feedback

ANS responds effectively and quickly to various kinds of your requests at reasonable price.

Question: What was the deciding factor, that helped you to choose ANS for your relocation.

I would say that, really, it was the impression I got from the initial discussions we had and how responsive the ANS team was to the all of our different requests.

Because we are coordinating with our headquarters in the UK, the UK team would come up with many changes and the ANS team responded very effectively and very quickly to those changes, and in a short amount of time, helped us come up with a plan for the move I was very impressed with how quickly and professionally the ANS team worked and responded to our requests.

Question: How did you feel about the cost of the relocation?

Actually, the cost was probably about what I expected except for the lab equipment. In addition to building our office, we had to build a lab which involved a lot of equipment and the necessary power requirements for that equipment.

I had had experience before, in doing an office move that did not involve setting up lab. So, I kind of had a good idea what it would cost, and it costs about that plus, what the lab cost, which I had no idea about. So, over all, it was a little more than I expected, but considering the amount of work done to get the power requirements set for the lab, to get special racks in for the equipment etc, it was quite reasonable, especially considering the amount of work and the short amount of time in which the work was done.

Question: Did you compare us to other contractors?

I kind of had a feeling what the price would be, so if ANS had given me a quote that was a crazy big number, I would probably have said “OK Let me think about it and would have investigated a little more”, but it was basically about what I expected it to be so, I thought it quite reasonable, given particularly the fact that all of the work was going to be done in about three weeks.

Very flexible in matching your convenience.

Question: How did ANS react to your requests?

There were so many requests and many changes, and actually, the ANS team were great. We changed the same thing maybe 4 or 5 times, so we would make one decision and a few days later make another decision, and I am sure it was quite painful for the ANS team, but every time we made a request, or we got new information from our team in UK about for example the lab requirements, power requirements, the sever racks etc., it was a very quick turnaround in response to our requests, and essentially the team very quickly and again very professionally met our requests every step of the way, so I was very happy.

Our team for several different reasons did not get all of the equipment done and sent as fast as we wanted them to, and ANS has been very flexible in matching the installation schedule with the availability of the equipment, which was basically delayed two months by the UK side. ANS has very kindly agreed to do the work when the equipment is available, not within a specific contractual timeframe, so we appreciate the flexibility as well.

A very important step into Asian market.

Question: Can you give us some information about your business?

We are a company that provides small wireless base stations for mobile operators globally, but specifically in Japan for Softbank and this allows the operators to provide better 3G mobile phone coverage to their customers to also expand the capacity of the network for a very competitively reasonable price as opposed to some of the other solutions available on the market. As a result of our success in Japan, we have built a team from 2 or 3 people in a year and a half up to 10 people, and now we have a need for a test lab and for expanded facilities and also a space that will allow us to expand in the future as, hopefully, we do business with the other mobile operators in Japan. So, moving into this office has been a very important step for Ubiquisys Japan and for our company globally because it establishes a very important presence in Asia from which we can support customers as well.

Question: What do you think about your business in South East Asian countries?

I think that for our business the next two years will be quite good in South East Asia, as there is a big need on the part of operators in South East Asia for providing better coverage and better capacity in mobile networks and they are just now starting to invest much like the Japanese operators did, maybe ten years ago and so, the timing is very good for us. Our solution is very competitive from both a technology and a price stand-point, and so I believe if do my job properly, it will be a very big market for us going forward.

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